Blog Post No.1


I guess this is the appropriate time to introduce myself. I am Beth. I am a journalism and public relations student in Brisbane, Australia. I am 19 and I love all things blog – literally! I could spend the entirety of my life online lusting after chairs and perfectly placed hipster items on pristine white shelving and bottles of creamy foundation (more like white paint for me, due to my pale complexion which comes with a buy one get one free deal when you are born a ginger). So it probably comes to a surprise to you as to why I have not started a blog years ago. To be honest I would have, yet I am severely impaired when it comes down to the techy stuff – Microsoft Word is the extent of my I.T. know-how – I put the whole idea on hold until last night at 2am when scrolling through a lovely blog I thought bugger it! So computer problems side, here it is, Beauty Beth. It’s a bit of a naff name I know but when your (extremely) late to the blogger game you’re not left with a lot to choose from.

I begin by warning you that this blog could take a while until it becomes a well-oiled machine that is pretty as a picture as I battle through the self-teaching phase (with a little help from trusty ol’ Youtube) and figure out how to use this website as it is intended. So if your still reading, congrats on making it through that drivel and welcome to Beauty Beth! 

P.S. Sorry about the lack of piccys, 2am is a little late to whack out the Canon and take a selfie when my eye bags are down to my chin or beautifully organise my fave beauty products in a tumblr-worthy image. Soz.


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