The Fashion Fave: Nike Free 5.0

Up until this very moment never did I think I would find an attractive running shoe but, a pair of Nike running shoes has proven me wrong! We’re all aware of Nike runners; good, light runner with a fashionable twist and the pair I am talking about is the Nike Free 5.0 TR FIT 4. They are a classic black, with a hint fluorescent yellow and a cool black and white sole. They’re pretty sexy if I do say so myself!

I stumbled across these shoes in an ASOS sale and I thought that maybe buying a nice new pair of trainers could kickstart some motivation to get fitter. And it worked! The second they arrived I pulled them on and took my dog for a long walk and have been pretty much obsessed with trying to find as many opportunities to wear them ever since. So if a pair of trainers can make me (a self-confessed exercise despiser, with not one athletic bone my body) work up a sweat, I would call them a triumph!


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