The Fashion Fave: The Perfect Chelsea Boot

Now that autumn is upon us in Australia the search for a new pair of leather boots has begun and has been my obsession for the past month. I may possibly have tried on every pair imaginable in every shoe shop and had no such luck (annoyingly big feet is the burden of my life). As I took my search online, I visited my all time favourite online shopping mecca, The Iconic. My god it is great, 3 hour shipping if you live in Sydney and Melbourne, 1-3 days anywhere else in Australia and 100 days free returns!!! Amazing. They stock many great Aussie and international brands and have everything from jewellery to sportswear. So as I was scrolling down the boots page, these lovely black leather ankle boots caught my eye with only one pair left in my size and armed with my 15% off student discount, I bought them.

They are a Chelsea boot with a strap detailing with gold hardware and by the brand Naturalizer, which before this moment I thought was a bit of a mumsy brand yet, these boots are wonderfully comfortable. They have breathable soles, shock absorbing heel and even a zip to get them on easy. Fancy stuff, no wonder the oldies love ’em. When it gets chilly enough I will pair these will skinny jeans or skirts and tights and stomp happily around Brisbane in them. But until then I will be counting down the days until winter and staring lovingly at them in my wardrobe.


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