The Solo Act: Rimmel Lasting Finish Black Cherries

Now I am well aware most people who have stumbled in to a pharmacy once in their lifetime will have spotted the Rimmel beauty stands, and will be familiar with the fact they do nail polish. However, I feel they’ve gotten a bit overlooked by the flashy, bright white stands containing an array of fancy colours. But I have gone back into my collection and rediscovered my all time nail fave, Rimmel London Lasting Finish in Black Cherries. Holy moly it’s so perfect I can’t stop looking at my fingertips! It’s purpley, it’s reddy, it’s plummy, it’s a tad brown and it’s got the slightest, minuscule hint of shimmer, it has everything a autumn/winter nail needs. It’s love.

To create the perfect winter mani, I currently paint a thin layer of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails as a base coat. This has been really strengthening my nails, so much so, they are literally as hard as nails. I then paint two to three coats of Black Cherries and then finish with another coat of Hard as Nails. This mani routine literally makes my nail polish last well over a week without chipping! I get so many compliments asking where I get my nails done because, they’re so shiny, they look false.

Also on another note, why does the second nail polish hit your fingertips you have an urgent need to go to the bathroom and you’re wearing the skinniest of skinny jeans with the most annoying button? Maybe that’s just me…


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