Morning Skincare Routine


My skin has been problematic since my teens, literally to this day I am extremely prone to a breakout and combat oily skin daily. I have been on all kinds of treatments, the most extreme being Roaccutane. This helped clear up all of my acne, yet to this day I do get a couple blemishes. I’ve found that instead of piling on the products I listen to how my skin is feeling that day and tackle it from there. The more simple the routine the better in my case. I have very sensitive skin so products can break me out very quickly or give me redness.

I use three products in the morning prior to foundation. The first is my cleanser, Bioré Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser, I use this daily and have gone through 4 bottles now. Its very good at keeping breakouts at bay due to the salicylic acid and keeps oily skin to a minimum. I use one pump, let it bubble up and wash my face and then wipe it off with a muslin cloth.

The second step is moisturiser, I use Origins Make A Difference Plus + morning and night and the gel formula smoothes out my complexion and lightly moisturises. If my skin is feeling particularly bad I skip moisturiser and I find it becomes less oily and problematic later on in the day.

The third step is primer, I combine Benefit’s Porefessional primer on my T-zone where I have larger pores and then I put on Laura Mercier Oil-Free primer on the rest of my face. These two smooth and add longevity to my makeup. The overall routine is quick and simple and allows me to lie in bed a little longer – hooray!


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