The Miracle Eye Makeup Remover


I stumbled across the Nivea Daily Essentials 3 In 1 Waterproof Makeup Remover by accident when I placed the wrong one in my basket at the supermarket when looking for its liquidy counterpart however, it turned out be the right decision. Eye makeup removers never used to be on the top of my holy grail products because 90% of them do a bog-standard job; smearing mascara around, stinging my eyes, irritating my contacts, leaving mascara on my lashes – I’m never impressed, until now! The formulation of this is a hybrid of a gel and cream, slightly odd for an eye makeup remover yet, works 100 times better than anything else I’ve tried. It is soothing, doesn’t irritate and slightly moisturises the skin around my eye and works wonders on every type of eye makeup. I squeeze a blob onto a cotton pad, let it soak in a bit and then one swipe across the eyelid and the majority of my makeup comes off, even waterproof mascara and the notoriously tough Maybelline Colour Tattoos! I don’t have to scrub to remove anything, so I don’t lose any lashes in the process and I even think it makes my lashes longer (or I’m dreaming). I have gone through countless bottles and in my opinion it is the best eye makeup remover around and costs about $8 – oh yeah! 


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