Non-Beauty Favourites #1


Blog pic 21st June

Although I am a self confessed beauty addict, my shopping addiction plays havoc in other areas too. So seeing as I visit the shops more than I would like to confess (ahem! – 3 times this week already) I thought I would show you some non-beauty things that I have been loving.

1) #GIRLBOSS – Written by Nasty Gal founder and CEO, Sophie Amoruso, this book is a twist on your traditional self-help, career assistance type books and is a kick-ass, inspirational read that makes you want to get out of your rut and relight your career. This is not my usual type of book, I’m more of a rom-com, sappy, romance novel lover but, this autobiography come fashionista career-building bible makes me want to become a ball-busting career gal or, in other words a #GIRLBOSS.

2) iPad Mini – I don’t know about any of you but me and my iPad go through a love/hate relationship on a monthly basis, well not hate, just forgetfulness. I always forget I own it! I use mine obsessively for two days and then it dies, I forget to charge it and then it just sits in a corner of my bedroom unused for two months until I recover it and realise its amazingness all over again! Its a cycle and now I’ve decided to break that. It is such a useful device and it doesn’t die nearly as quick as my iPhone. I’ve now downloaded a heap of new apps and put its charger in the wall, so lets hope this is the start of a love affair again!

3) Midi Rings – These rings have been a bit of a ‘thing’ for a while now but I was held back by the fact I am the owner of 10 sausage fingers. But, then I caved and bought a chunky, gold set and a smaller, dainty, twisted silver set. They mix well with my more expensive jewellery and jazz up my hands a little. These two sets are from Colette Hayman.

4) Daughter – I’m a little slow on the Daughter bandwagon and I have seriously been missing out! They are a three-piece indie-folk band and their music is so beautiful and calming, I could listen for days. Their EP The Wild Youth is so lovely and I suggest you check out Medicine, Youth and Smother.

5) Ultraviolence – Two music loves from me at the moment and Lana Del Rey’s new album Ultraviolence is just perfect. I LOVE! She can do no wrong in my eyes, Black Beauty and I F***** My Way Up To The Top are my favourite.

6) The Vampire Diaries – I have been obsessed with The Vampire Diaries since the first episode came out in 2009, and I admit I’m now a little behind due to a highly stressful, non-existent uni/work/life balance but, its still as good as ever. Personally, I’m all about Stephen but, the show has just as many likeable as dislikable characters and I just suggest you watch it ASAP! But, be warned you’ll be sucked into a vortex of no sleep and watching every episode back to back.


2 thoughts on “Non-Beauty Favourites #1

  1. Great picks! I’ve been in love with daughter for almost a year now, and I’m so glad they’re finally getting all the attention they deserve. My favorite daughter song is “Run” it’s beautiful! I’ve been meaning to read the book #GirlBoss, and your review reminds me to get to it! Let’s follow each other!



    1. They are really lovely band, I had heard a few songs before but never remembered the name of the group. Highly recommend #girlboss. I’ll give you a follow x


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