Winter Nail Polish Shades


I will admit I am a bit of a nail polish/nail care nut and I have a mani routine down pat. I love rich, wintery colours the most so I thought seeing as it is winter now in Oz I would show you my faves along with my fail safe manicure process that makes any nail polish stay chip-free for at least a week.

First fave is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in 640 Plum Luck, a lovely dark, plummy (duh!) shade that looks very chic and somehow makes my hands look very healthy. Second is Revlon 791 Midnight Affair, a dark navy colour which is sophisticated, elegant and less harsh than a black nail. In comparison, I also like a pale, icy grey shade from Revlon called 310 Timeless, which is slightly different from dark nails, but equally suited to the cold temps. To mix it up sometimes, I like to add a matte top coat such as Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat, which makes any nail polish look velvety and rather cool if I say so myself!


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