Origins Out Of Trouble Face Mask Review


Origin’s products are not new to the beauty scene and widely raved about by beauty bloggers but when you live in Australia – particularly Brisbane – they are hard to get your hands on. So when they finally arrived I have been slowly making my way through the line. Having previously reviewed and loved one of their moisturisers I decided to try one of their face masks. The one I decided to go for was the Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask that claimed to rescue problem skin. My skin is very oily and is prone to breakout so this was aimed to mattefy my skin and clean up any pesky spots. The mask contains zinc oxide and salicylic acid, two ingredients I know works for my skin in solving problem areas. The mask is a thick, white consistency with no overpowering smell – it just kinda smells like nature – and a little goes a long way. Overall, it did leave my skin feeling very clean and not dry afterwards and I do feel like it brought out some impurities and prevented any other spots forming however, on the oily side of things it didn’t really prevent the oil slick that happens on my face. The mask is fast, effective and deep cleansing so I think I will pick up a couple more from the range.


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