The Eyeliner Edit


These are 5 liners that I use on a day to day basis and are easy to apply and work with, even for eyeliner noobs like me! I alternate between a liquid liner, gel liner and eyeliner pencils and these are my current favourites.

1) Rimmel Scandaleyes Thick and Thin Eyeliner in Black: This eyeliner is surprisingly long lasting, very black and very easy to use. The short, blunt pen-like tip allows you to create a nice line without too much hassle yet, it is quite hard and can drag the lid a bit so a light hand is needed. I find this dries out a bit quick however, because it is so long wearing I am willing to overlook the flaws.

2) Revlon ColourStay Creme Gel Liner in Black: Although gel liner seems a little terrifying I find it is much more workable. The formula of this eyeliner is long lasting, very black and good for a drugstore product. The packaging of this liner is great because the brush is in the lid! SO useful, even if it is a little on the chunky side.

3) MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack: This is probably one of my favourite gel liners ever, its so black, so easy to use and so long wearing. The formula of this liner allows you to get a smooth black line or blend it out for a smokier look. Used with a fine brush allows you to get the perfect winged liner very easily.

4) Topshop Kohl Pencil in Sable: This eyeliner is the one I have used most and it is getting shorter and shorter by the day. I wouldn’t say this is a very long lasting eyeliner however, I would say that this liner is great for day to day use. I smudge mine out across the top lid either on its own or with a light shadow. The texture is soft and you can make it very smoky very easily. The colour is a deep brown (good for blue eyes) and has a slight shimmery, copper undertone. This liner can make any beginner look like they know what their doing.

5) Topshop Waterproof Liner in Gunpowder: This liner is very similar to the previous one regarding formula and smudge-ability however, this is so much more long lasting. The colour is a shimmery, dark slate colour and would suit everyone. This is a lovely everyday liner but can be built up to a darker look and I use this every day I don’t want wear my usual brown or black liners.


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