5 Real Techniques Brushes You Need In Your Life


I believe that the Real Techniques brushes are some of the best around and some of the most affordable. On a day to day basis I realised that I pretty much use these brushes for a number of things, so I thought I would tell you my most used brushes.

1) Blush Brush – Good all round brush that I mostly use for powder and bronzer as the tapered end means you distribute less product and you can easily get into the hollows of your cheeks.

2) Buffing Brush – This one is my favourite foundation brushes by far, so soft and fast to blend foundation seamlessly. If you were going Β to pick up any Real Techniques brush I would recommend this one.

3) Expert Face Brush – Similar to the one above but I find this one really works best on higher coverage foundations and creates an airbrushed finish on the skin.

4) Domed Shadow Brush – This is a great eyeshadow brush, blends eyeshadows really well, super soft and fluffy. I use this everyday to blend my eyeshadow into the crease or to even blend in concealer.

5) Detailer Brush – This tiny brush I use for multiple purpose; covering pesky spots, applying lip products, for eyeliner, smudging eyeliner. This brush is versatile and useful to apply all those precision products.


9 thoughts on “5 Real Techniques Brushes You Need In Your Life

  1. OMG, I love love Real techniques.. I wish I could buy them here in Sweden though.. Luckily enough I’m half English so every time I go I’m always looking for new ones!
    Btw, really nice photo! ❀ Check my blog out!


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