Jewellery Gems


I have a staple jewellery collection of good quality pieces that are simple and classic that I easily mix with some high street finds. I find that quality jewellery always looks good no matter the current trends and then by mixing it with cheaper, trend orientated jewellery it doesn’t break the bank when it goes out. These are some of my most loved pieces.

All the rings are from Pandora, which I believe make really good quality jewellery that is rather affordable. As I hate the green finger effect most high street rings give you I decided to buy a few Pandora rings which I stack up and they seem to transition through all trends and are very subtle on the hands. The bright turquoise stone and black rose rings are my favourite and I have barely taken them off in the past year. The black, plaited rope bracelet is also from Pandora, which I have added two beads that clip onto it. The simple double loop bracelet compliments most outfits and the silver hardware means it subtly matches the rings. The silver keys necklace was an eighteenth birthday gift from my parents and is from Tiffany & Co.. These are on a longer chain and are very dainty on. The large one has a flower cut out in the centre of an off-white background and has a small diamond in the centre and the small one is the basic Tiffany & Co. heart which I interchange between a longer and one shorter chain and I’ve not taken them off since. I like to overlay these with cheaper, high street necklaces to create a layered necklace look on simple knits and T-shirts. The gold coloured necklace was from Samantha Wills, an Australian jewellery designer which I love every single piece from! They are hand made and come in beautiful carved wood boxes. This necklace is on a long chain and has a large clear, cut stone held in by gold plated hardware. This looks so lovely with a white T-shirt or layered with other simple gold necklaces. These pieces, although pricy, were worth every penny as I wear them everyday.


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