The Bioderma Dupe


Bioderma is a holy grail product for many gals yet, in Australia it’s quite pricey ($40!!), completely worth it but, pricey. So I’ve been on a search for a good drugstore dupe and I think I’ve found a darn good one. The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water All in 1 is a fraction of the cost and works just as well. The product is not oily, doesn’t leave any residue, so gentle and calming on the skin and doesn’t dry your skin. As it looks just like water it can be deceiving in that you believe it won’t get anything off let alone your waterproof mascara but surprisingly it does! I put this on a cotton pad and hold on my eye for a little bit and it dissolves all my eye makeup and mascara off in one swipe, with no need to scrub away. It also works really well at getting off foundations and stubborn lipstick. I use this as my first cleansing step to remove all my makeup before going in with a more heavy duty cleanser. If you don’t want to spend the pennies on Bioderma or can’t get your hands on it easily I strongly recommend giving this a go!


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