VO5 Va Va Volume



VO5 products are usually pretty good value for the little amount they cost so I have been reviewing them recently and there’s one that I really like and one that just leaves me and my hair feeling a little flat. The first is the Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray, this sounded promising and right up my alley yet it left me feeling a little ‘mehh’ about the whole thing. The product is a dry sea salt spray promising to give me sexy, bed head hair in a can but really it didn’t do anything to create any volume or texture, so overall it was a bit of a miss. The Plump It Up Dry Shampoo however, was much better at giving my voluminous roots without any stickiness. The product was supposed to be a dry shampoo and I bought it as a replacement for my beloved Batiste one but, it didn’t leave my roots refreshed or clean so I wouldn’t wholly recommend it if you want to completely rejuvenate third day hair that you know needed a wash but you preferred to lie in bed. But, if your looking for some texture and volume and sexy, messy hair this is your go-to. Its basically doing what the other Give Me Texture spray should of. I use this to add texture to newly washed hair and create a messy ponytail. Overall I would just go straight for the Plump It Up spray to solve all your flat hair problems.


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