Drugstore 90’s Nude


Hello! Hi! Yes I have returned from the depths of the internet to get this bloggin’ thang back on. Uni, a case of bronchitis and an all-consuming job have meant writing has been put on the back burner. But I am back to talk about all things Kylie Jenner. The gal has turned from kiddy Kardashian to the ultimate girl crush – and she’s 4 years younger than me! Jenner is literally queen of all things 90s from the monochrome sports luxe, blue dip die, the equally cool pals and her makeup is ON POINT (minus the debatable lip fillers). But what I envy most is the lip colour. Its a little bit Rachel from Friends/Spice Girls classic and I am loving. Most people have sussed out Jenner’s product of choice is Soar lip liner from MAC but, not all of us can afford a MAC lippy and some of us aren’t sure the whole 90’s nude is for us.

I have discovered on a recent beauty sweep at my local pharmacy that Rimmel have a browny/pink nude for a fraction of the price to ease you in. Notting Hill Nude is apart of their Moisture Renew line and its silky, smooth and so moisturising. Its browny tones and not quite matte but not quite glossy finish will have you transporting back to the 90s and pretending your hip enough to be Kylie Jenner’s bestie.


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