Budget Cleansing Balm


I am student, I am actually so poor its laughable. However, I still want to wash my face with a lovely luxurious, oily cleansing balm and not a hideous foaming cleanser that literally strips any ounce of moisture from my skin. This is where lovely, ol’ Lush comes in with their affordable, student budget friendly smelly things. Lush Ultrabland cleansing balm is a broke girls dupe for a golden pot of Emma Hardie heaven. Its suitable for all skins types (I have oily skin and its deviiiine), moisturising, deep cleaning, and is just a lovely pot of goodness. I have been using this every night for two months and my skin is smoother, clearer and hydrated, plus its full of good stuff like rosewater to reduce redness. I use mine as my second cleanse after I’ve used a cleansing oil to remove my makeup. I apply to a dry face, massage in for a couple minutes, add a bit of water to emulsify it and then flannel off with warm water. The flanneling (is that a word?) process takes a bit of time due to the cleanser being a thick texture. Overall, its a great alternative for people like me who reallllyy wish they could splash the cash but, the cost of textbooks is ruining their life.


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