Keeping Your New Years Resolutions


Seeing as we are now halfway through January I can guarantee you have probably failed a little on those new years resolutions and maybe given up on a few. But I’m going to show you how to beat your usual give up and move on routine and spur you on to getting back on track.

1. Don’t Give Up

This might sound a little stupid because it’s very obvious, but if you’ve already succumbed to the chocolate, or given up on the gym because every man and his dog are in there or you’ve shuffled those books you planned to read into a pile on your desk, just start again. If you want to make a change and seriously commit to these resolutions then you have to keep going despite swaying a little. Doesn’t the saying go, ‘you only have to do something 10 times before it becomes a habit?’ Well we’ve got to keep going.

2. Break Them Down

If you have a list as long as your arm, you’re going to get overwhelmed. Break your goals down into three little things you want to achieve each month. For example my mini goals for January are; save $1000, lose 5kg, read one book and start up my blog again. I pop these in my diary as a little to-do list so I see them all the time and they definitely seem less daunting and then next month I move onto three of my next resolutions.

3. Get A Little Support

Tell your friends and family or even some services some of your goals. By informing people they will remind you, you were supposed to be dieting when you go order some cake or ask you how your new gym routine is going. They may even have similar resolutions which you can group together and finish your goal together. Plus, you need some friends to continually tell you how good you new svelte body looks.


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