Best of the Beauty Basics


Today’s blog post is rather on the unglamorous side of beauty, but everyone uses and needs these basics in their stash so why not discuss the best of the bunch.

1. Crystal Glass Nail File = My grandmother bought me this after her horror at me using just a regular file (she is the nail care goddess, so must bow down to her). My nails have never been stronger and flake-free since using this and I would fully endorse investing in a good one.

2. Deodorant/Anti-Persiperant – I live in Queensland in Australia, good deodorant is a human right. Mitchum 24 Hour Active Roll-On is the best deodorant I have tried, not only does it reduce sweatiness, but the fresh smelling scent lasts all day. Best of the lot if you ask me.

3. Hairspray – A basic hair need to keep those fly aways at bay and good ol’ TRESemmé Styling Extra Hold has been my go to since I was about 13. Humidity proof, not crispy and long wearing and oh so cheap.

4. Cotton Pads – The saviour to all beauty loving gals and probably my most ever bought item ever. Swissper’s does them best; large oval size for toner and micellar waters and small circular pads for nail polish removal and fixing beauty mishaps plus, they don’t disintegrate or go fluffy.

5. Hand Cream – Not only is the packaging beautiful but so is the product. Scented with mandarin rind, rosemary leaf and cedar wood, the Aēsop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm is so moisturising and non greasy. The product is quite pricey, but adds a little luxury to an everyday product.

6. Foot Cream – I wear Birkenstocks pretty much every day, which means the cork sole absorbs all the moisture from my feet, which entails me to need a really good foot cream. Soap & Glory’s Heel Genius leaves lovely smooth heels without any greasiness and it also smells pretty darn good.

7. Nail Polish Remover – One of the most basic items in your beauty stash which is why its important to pick up a good one. Sally Hansen Strengthening Nail Polish Remover is my favourite because it takes of the most stubborn polishes easily and leaves the nails in good condition.


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