The Best Drugstore Concealer Duo

Best Drugstore Concealer Duo

I can never see the point in spending a small fortune on a teeny tube of concealer so I have pretty much tried my way round the drugstore and I have two stand outs that could rival any posh ones. Maybelline FIT Me Concealer and Rimmel Wake Me Up, both do different jobs on the face so I always make sure I have these in my stash. Maybelline Fit Me concealer looks like a dupe for NARS creamy concealer and it honestly could be. It is pigmented, creamy, blendable and comes in a range of shades so it meshes well with foundation. It is very good at eliminating redness and covering spots and I even use it for the ol’ eye bags. This is my favourite concealer I’ve found.

My second fave is the Rimmel one, which is a good’un for the bags because it has a slight illuminating shimmer and brightness which hides those dark circles efficiently. Both of these concealers are actual lifesavers and me and my tired eyes are very thankful for making us look a little less zombie like.


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