The Unexpected, But Amazing Texture Spray


I originally bought this spray to be a dry shampoo for quick morning touch ups with a little added volume, however I hated it. The Batiste Dry Shampoo’s are a drugstore staple and I tend to buy at least one a month and I usually love all they have to offer but the XXL Volume version at first did not do it for me. Yet, on a second attempt to make it work I loved it but not as a standard dry shampoo as it is not good for reducing oiliness because it is sort of part dry shampoo, part texture spray, part hairspray. I will add that when I first used it I had really long hair and it just made a sticky, yet on my newly cut bob this works a treat. Sprayed lightly into the roots it adds instant volume and texture and the stickiness means it holds all day. I much prefer using this to many of my expensive salt sprays and texture products. It leaves a lovely beachy, volumised texture to the hair that looks effortless.


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