Zoeva Brushes Review


I had been lusting after the Zoeva brushes ever since I came across the rose gold ones on Youtube, yet they were always sold out. I then saw that the larger core collection was on sale (sadly not in rose gold but they’re the exact same brush for cheaper) and bought them immediately. First up they came in 2 DAYS from Luxola. Amazing seeing as I live in Australia. They were all wrapped up in a lovely pouch (bonus points there) and they’re were six face brushes and eight eye brushes. All the brushes are super soft, high quality and look lovely on your dressing table. I have photographed my favourites (minus the 227 Luxe Soft Definer – my absolute favourite eye brush and MAC 217 dupe because its gone walkabouts), so I will list a quick review of each.

1. 106 Powder – Very soft, large, picks up product well and perfect for powder and bronzer
2. 128 Cream Cheek – Excellent angled brush for blush or bronze as it fits into the cheekbone well.
3. 102 Silk Finish – A more dense version of the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, better in a more sweeping motion for foundation and I find it absorbs more product.
4. 110 Face Shape – I use this for concealer as its small but blends like a good buffing brush, can also be good for defined contour.
5. 142 Concealer Buffer – I also use this for concealer and pinpointing any spots. Really recommend this and is a must have in your collection.
6. 228 Crease – The softest of them all, good for the final step of eyeshadow to really blend it out. My favourite eye brush.
7. 234 Luxe Smoky Shader – Great for apply product onto the lid on the flat side and blend the crease with the tapered edge.
8. 231 Luxe Petite Crease – Really good for a cut crease shadow look, and excellent for precise shading.
9. 223 Petite Eye Blender – I like to smudge eyeliner with this one and blend product on the lower lash line.
10. 322 Brow Line – THE best brow brush I’ve used, the short bristles and dense brush makes for really accurate application of products and angled lines.
11. 315 Fine Liner – The angled end really makes applying liner so much easier and its so thin to get a really fine liner look.


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